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Travel Artfully: Ojai

I’ve always considered myself a California girl, despite never having been there. The laid-back, creative vibe of the West Coast set against a backdrop of cacti and sunshine sounds like heaven to me. So I was thrilled to spend a long weekend in Ojai, a private oasis where artists are free to pursue their dreams and troubles seem a lifetime away. Celebrities [...]

Featured Property: 2933 Westwood Road

Beautifully situated on Lafayette Bay in the 250-home neighborhood of Minnetonka Beach, this dramatic Jyland-built house recalls much of the charm and character that can be found in European estates. This five-bedroom, seven-bathroom residence features an open floor plan centered around a grand central staircase. Although the proportion and scale of the deta[...]

Matcha Madness

Around the Artful Living office, we can't get enough matcha. So we were thrilled to see an entire book of recipes dedicated to the jewel-toned powder ground from fine Japanese green-tea leaves. Here are our top picks from Gretha Scholtz's Matcha: The Cookbook. SAVORY MATCHA Bento Bowl with Matcha Dressing For the Bento Bowl: 1 1/2 cups (300g) sus[...]

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