928scr_fd5d036e7543641Last week, a few members of the Artful Living team attended one of the most lovely events we’ve been to this season; we hopped on over to the Heartland Restaurant & Farm Direct Market in St. Paul for an evening of handcrafted cocktails and cuisine on behalf of Prairie Vodka!

The evening was complete with lovely vodka infusions (we took home rhubarb and rooibos) from Easy & Oskey, narration from Keri Noble of Cities97, and outstanding courses from Heartland chef Lenny Russo.

944scr_ce4a5b3897b7b9eAs a Minneapolis based magazine with national and internationally inspired content, there’s something very heartwarming about a beverage that makes a point of being made with respect–and more importantly, Minnesota made. The vodka is distilled from family-farmed, organic Minnesotan corn, distilled in Benson, Minnesota, and bottled in Princeton, Minnesota (if you don’t know where all of those small towns are…you’re not alone. Let’s give a little round of applause to Google Maps).


This is important. It’s important to support locally owned and sustainably operated businesses, because there just aren’t that many of them anymore. The evening was a celebration of taking care of our own, and remembering that being purposeful about the products you buy and the companies you support is a worthwhile endeavor.


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