Murder at Glensheen: The Real Story

Justin Vernon Turns up the Volume in Eau Claire

By Andrea Swensson It’s a Monday night in downtown Eau Claire, and the Lakely — the chic eatery and bar attached to the city’s newest hotel, the Oxbow — might be the most swinging little scene in Northwest Wisconsin. A row of college students sits at the back tables, penciling in notations on sheet music while waiting for their turn on stage, where Univer[...]

Glensheen: The Books

The Glensheen murders that took place 40 years ago remain Minnesota’s most infamous unsolved crime. Here we offer a roundup of the best reading material on the subject. Secrets of the Congdon Mansion: The Unofficial Guide to Glensheen and the Congdon Murders By Joe Kimball Written by the newspaper reporter who covered the crime and the subsequent [...]

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