Bob Dylan: The North's Confounding Native Son

Who is Bob Dylan?

By Jeff Gage Who is Bob Dylan? That’s a question the world has been asking for half a century, ever since a scrawny kid from who knows where started showing up with his guitar in New York City coffee shops calling himself by that name. If anything has become clear in the decades since then, it’s that the mystery only deepens the harder you try to solve it[...]

Bob Dylan's Style Evolution

By J.A. Peters “Why do you wear those outlandish clothes?” That was the provocative question asked of Bob Dylan during his 1966 Australian tour. “I look very normal where I live,” was his deadpan reply. Even in that era, when fashion was really starting to get wild, there was no place on earth where the musician’s appearance — typically a tapered, striped[...]

Autumn 2017 Issue

Letter from the Publisher Tangled Up in Bob Bob Dylan once said, “Just because you like my stuff doesn’t mean I owe you anything.” Enjoying Dylan’s music and understanding its historical significance are two very different things. Though I personally never took to his sound, it is undeniable that his songwriting has had a remarkable influence on the[...]

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